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Live and Remember the Joy Stories.
Even sad music
requires an absolute happiness - Galway Kinnell
The Joy Series
The Joy Series

Losing a friend is hard. This important children's book is a valuable resource for children grieving the loss of a sibling, and for those seeking to help them grieve. In these pages, Joanne Parker uses her own hard won experience to illuminate the thoughts and feelings that accompany that loss. This is a book that you and your loved ones will cherish for a lifetime, and return to often, for the encouragement and perspective that it brings.

I Had A Friend

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Joanne Parker is a writer from West Chester, PA. After the death of her sister following a fatal car accident she decided to offer people hope and healing. When she’s not running after one of her four children she keeps herself busy with music, theater, CrossFit, and local volunteering. She currently lives in Mobile, AL with her family and two dogs.

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